PrintaFix is specially developed for FDM 3D printing to eliminate warping effective. You do not need any other adhesion agent anymore. PrintaFix is simpler to apply and has superior adhesion qualities compared to all other solutions on the market. The spray may be used on unheated and heated pressure beds.

Unique features

  • cost-effective application
  • quick and simple application: Shake and spray
  • environmentally friendly unlike hairspray and other solutions
  • removeable with warm water!


  1. Remove the printbed from the printer. Shake the PrintaFix bottle well for 5 seconds.
  2. Hold the PrintaFix bottle 10cm (4″) away from the printbed. Use enough spray strokes to cover the entire printbed with a thin film of the solution. Overlap spray strokes to prevent uncovered areas that could affect the adhesion. Let it dry for 30 seconds.
  3. Start the print process with the recommended settings.

When your print has finished remove it carefully with a spatula. Clean up of PrintaFix can be done with warm water, an alcoholic solution or PrintaClean

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Printafix 500ml

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