After months of developing and listening to user feedback we have now created the Bondtech QR Extruder where QR stands for QuickRelease. In order to be able to change filament on the fly an Quick-Release lever have been added that allows for an easy and convinient way of changing filament without the need of reversing the extruder. The pretension of the secondary drivegear is adjustable to allow for selectable filament pressure. The DualDrive drive gears are CNC-machined in hardened steel for maximum lifetime and performance.

For direct feed the extruder is equipped with an integrated mount for the E3D-V5 / E3D-V6 Hotend or similar that uses the groove mount standard. The hotend is held in place firmly by the housing and the housing has a index feature that aligns the extruder housing against the supplied extruder mount to be sure that the hotend always are perpendicular to your print surface.

To use the extruder as a bowden setup you have two options. The filament can be feed from the spool directly into the hole for the hotend. But, for the best performance I would recommend adding the Direct-to-Bowden adapter that allows the inlet feed PTFE tube to reach as close as possible to the drive wheels to reduce friction. There is a version for 1.75 and for 3.0 filament and it includes an integrated industry quality push-fit connector.

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Bondtech QR Universal 3.0

  • Tillverkare: Bondtech
  • Artikelnummer: EX-BR-BO-300
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