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Problem with DIBS Payment Module
DIBS has after that the banks the banks changed from 3DSecure passwords to Mobile BankID, had problems with their payment module.There is no safety defect or that the payment did not go through. After that the customer gets a page with "bad gateway" the payment has succeeded. However the customer easily understands that the payment did not go through.We have reported the error and after many rounds DIBS has now started troubleshooting and correction.It is safe to use DIBS as payment and even if you get the "bad gateway" for payment everything has gone right to the payment has gone through. We ..
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We will close our store from 11 on 4/5 due to ascension day. Shipments will be resumed on 9/5..
Sample Package Filament - updated
For those of you who are wondering how good the Torwell Premium filament really is. Order the sample pack 1.75mm or 3mm. Unfortunately some of our customers has put into systems utilizing this why we have had to change the ordering routine.To avail free sample pack enter the coupon code "Torwell" - Applies to one per customer - logged in...
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Tips Metal Filament
Some tips fpr printing metal and post processing of the prints
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